About This Website

This site provides resources and links that can assist you in helping yourself to find the legal assistance you need.

We haveĀ nine offices to reach every region in Northern Arizona.

Our Mission

To serve our client communities as advocates and teachers in order to address the causes and symptoms of poverty, foster individual independence and dignity, and protect and promote tribal sovereignty.

Our services must help our clients develop the resources necessary to meet external challenges, and help off-reservation communities and businesses better understand our clients and respect their rights.

We will focus our resources on those most vulnerable, and on those for whom we can achieve long-term benefits by breaking the cycle of poverty.

How We Can Help

We focus on family, housing, consumer, education, employment, public benefits, health, individual rights and youth issues, helping people access relevant justice systems to:

  • Address discrimination
  • Secure legal protection for victims of abuse, assault, neglect, exploitation and fraud
  • Stabilize lives to better cope with the unpredictable burdens of poverty
  • Protect critical assets - housing, cars, income, benefits, healthcare ~ to ensure economic stability and independence
  • Become economically self-sufficient to avoid becoming trapped in a cycle of poverty

Keep Your Home New Mexico

The KeepYourHomeNewMexico website is a project of local and statewide agencies working together to help New Mexico homeowners who are at risk of losing their homes.

The goal of this website is to help eligible New Mexico homeowners find information and services they need for dealing with housing and foreclosure-related issues.