What can I do if I'm being evicted?

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 What can I do if I'm being evicted?
 If you are being evicted, your Landlord must notify you in writing, and in most
cases, the Landlord must give you a few days to fix the problem;
 If you are being evicted because you failed to pay any rent at all for a month,
you have the right to pay all rent and late fees within 5 days for an apartment,
7 days for a mobile home. If you do this, the Landlord must reinstate the lease;
If you paid part of the rent for the month, but your Landlord is evicting you
anyway, you may have a defense. You should contact an attorney immediately;
 If you are being evicted for breaching the lease, you should be given 10 days
to fix the problem, unless the breach is for a crime, or you have repeatedly
been warned about similar breaches of the lease.

Published: Dec 28, 2012